7 May 2011 22:02 Longing to love you before this world ends

I could not feel a nerve in me everytime I have you in a special place in me, that is my head and my heart.  Like the breeze that slowly touches my cheeks, I try to hold it with my hand and away it goes to somewhere I can`t be. Like golden sunshine that warms my thick glossy hair, I try to bring down all your warmth straight down to my heart but the rains would steal the heat from me as I hold on to you.

However I long for this love, I just can`t be there, I just can`t make up my mind to let you know how I feel for you. If ever the world`s gonna end tomorrow, I wish I could tell you and hold you in my arms. Perhaps, we were lovers in our past lives, perhaps, it is my only chance to be with you in this life. I really can`t tell which is more plausible, more reasonable, no I can`t. My heart suffers greatly without being able to feel the moisture on your lips stealthily slipping onto mine. My cranial head sustains immortal pain without being able to cast my lustful eye gestures onto your demonic wide eyes. I am so in pain if we were destined to be forbidden from loving each other. May we always think of each other in our dreams, may we be able to wake up one day and I`ll be able to call your name, and you, mine. I`ll be waiting for that moment, even if it takes a 1000 years, if I`m still here and you`re still there. I`ll be right here standing and right there holding your hands.


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