23 Apr 2011 19:22 Religion is stupid

In no other way would I like to dignify that title given to this post: Religion is stupid. I have been to the church, I have been a baptized christian, a then christian-turned catholic, I have been brought up in an absolute muslim country in the heart of South east asia, I have tasted mild Buddhism in the small Chinese communities in my country, I have seen my grand-aunt performed extremely bizarre ceremony to give thanks to many Chinese legendary Gods and I still keep my precious King James Bible by my side. To begin with my understanding of what religion means to me, I have to begin with the holy books. When I say holy books, I mean all the main books, all the ancient scripts that are recognized in each religion as being the most holiest not just the Holy Bible.

Personally, I think that the philosophy behind those supposedly holy texts is more important than the meaning of the texts word-by-word. Anyone who tries to take meaning from any holy texts word-by-word will never never ever understand what is the true meaning of religion. First, I want to point out that the fundamental standpoint of all religions are the same, whether it be Christianity, Catholicism, Islamism, Buddhism, Taosim and so forth. Secondly, the final goal of all religions are also the same, they are totally equal, no religion is greater or inferior than any other religion. This is how I understand it: all religions teach love and equality, and all religions give the hint that each of us can be very close and similar to God, the Creator of all things. Hit me if anyone thinks that that is not true.

However, such precious and profound knowledge has been tragically bent and molded by the our religious leaders around the globe. The religious leaders are the culprits of all prejudiced views given to all mankind`s societies. Yes, they do preach about love, but preaching is not enough, honesty could never be set over centuries of lies, lies and more lies. Think about all those holy wars in our history and those still ongoing. When something is labelled with the word “holy”, maybe we should all think twice, it is simple, any labeling could be a fake. And to tell the truth, I find that the fraudulent committed in all religions are bigger than a serial killer put behind the bars with death penalty. This fraudulent that still goes on today is never-ending, there is no death penalty to it! None!

Here are a simple list of things connected to religions:

– only the one God written in each of the holy text is the ultimate God, others are fake

– God set a list of things for mankind to do and not to do

– those who have sinned must be ashamed of themselves and that they will never enter kingdom of God

– God hates homosexuals, bisexuals

– Whatever we think we want, we can always ask from God, if we didn`t get what we prayed for, then, it is God`s will

– God came from the sky, the Heaven in big clouds

– there are no such things as UFOs, aliens, time travel, the future humans, parallel universes, these are pure imaginations and to believe in life beyond Earth is to be skeptical about God

– God can never be an alien (though I believe many archeological finds already suggested that someone more advanced was responsible for most architectural evidences)

Now here is a list of my own belief, my own philosophy of religion:

– all Gods mentioned in all holy texts are the same, the one and the only ultimate Being that created and still creates all things, because, how could 2 different Gods co-exist in this universe? It is not possible for 2 different Gods to co-exist, because we, and life beyond Earth are all living in the same universe, all galaxies are created in the same manner, nothing more nothing less

– we are created by God and therefore we are let to grow up ourselves, that means we evolve, we are not meant to follow some lists of silly rules such as “love thy neighbor”. NO! We are all intelligent souls with excellent human body that works 1000 times cleverer than computer!

– we have come back to this life, there is no past, present or even the future, there is no time, time doesn`t exist. So, we are here to experience, to evolve, and it is normal to make mistakes, to sin. Once we`ve sinned, we repent deeply and swear to ourselves we will change, and we can all change to evolve to a better soul, to become more similar to our own Creator.

– God is an innovative creator, all that we see, we touch, feel, hear, wonder, hate and love are created by God and sexuality is not meant to be something abhorrent. So, we should all respect and love what has been created, not always hating others.

– we are souls created by God, thus, we have our own power to think and be responsible for our own acts. God is not what we have to rely on but what we have to learn from! We ought to learn from God, not to think that we could  solve our problems if we turn to God when we face problems. Be responsible and grow up, evolve!

– It is possible that anyone could have arrived on Earth from the sky, the Heaven. However, it is not possible that God had come to Earth from the sky in clouds! First, God must have a gravity problem to deal with, errrr…. the water-vapour-clouds! Second, God did not need to approach anyone to understand someone. God is everywhere, God`s energy is everywhere! God is not and never was a physicality that needed a vehicle to be driven around, NO NO.

– If anyone truly understands God, then he or she must realize that God is not that ridiculous by creating only lives on Earth! Surely, God has created many many other life forms in many other worlds that we are unable to see in our own dimension. If he or she does not realize this, then he or she must start over again with chapter one (Genesis) of the Holy Bible… …

– the God that we believe our ancestors saw could be anyone but definitely not God. Because God did not need to go through physicality`s experience to evolve! That someone that we thought are “God or God`s son” can be anyone who understood the philosophy of the true God.

I think religion is really not something that we can live with peacefully. Because religions can never be at peace with one another, never. There is this thinking which I truly admire, that says: any 2 sides that are different will never fight with one another, but any 2 sides that are the same will fight with one another! Since when one thinks he doesn`t want to argue with the 2nd person while the 2nd person keeps on arguing, then there will be no fight. But if the 2 feel that they want to keep on arguing with each other, then there`ll be a fight between the 2! It is that simple! Again, hit me if that is wrong. By this, it is now clear that religions are not really what we believe they are. I say they are all the same. Love is the heart of all religions, tell me, how many people have died because of religions????? Why not we just get over it, and start to take responsibilities for ourselves?

No religion knows how to spell PEACE

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