25 mac 2011 16:18 The family name Wong, a proud heritage

For thousands of years, there had been a heritage that only belonged to the royals, the kings, emperors, and those with power to rule. Ancient through time and space, recorded in children stories of those who wore it to symbolize revolutionary rebels, scripted and carved onto ancient stones and woods as those luxurious furniture, sculptures stood beneath those ancient roof tiles over the oriental horizon. There used to be a time when all things were fundamental, down onto earth, no cables, no radio transmittors, no media enterprises, no nothing but only those who had the strongest symbolizing heritage ruled and overtook others. There was this time existed long ago, when human civilization flourished amid hostile wars and changed through all dynasties. This was a time in human history, chapter one, China`s first emperor, whom inherited the named “Huang” from unknown entity way higher in authority, whom had the power to rule because he was descended from dragon in heaven, the sky. That, was basically the begining of human civilization in the oriental world which is known to mankind.

The character “Huang” in chinese means yellow, by all means, it certainly defines many things simply because it means yellow. Yellow robes for emperors, yellow chairs, yellow horse carts, yellow cups and curtains, everything used to symbolize power. Nowadays, not anymore, because humans` way of knowing things have changed greatly. Long ago, people were hypnotized by the power of the mythical dragon from the sky, now most people have awaken from that hypnosis. Now, people who inherit the “Huang” as family name are spread in all corners around the world. In the early 1910s to 1930s, the time when most chinese migrated to south asian countries and europe, most people with the name “Huang” have been manifested out of different dialects. For example, people from Canton would be called Wong as in cantonese, others would be called Bong  as in another dialect, in Taiwan, most Min Nan people would simply call themselves Huang. There is this chinese tradition that the chinese people would try every way to keep traditions working fine and well, and the family name is one of the major traditions. As for most chinese migrants who no longer use well-spoken chinese language, some might already been unaware of own chinese history, however far they`ve come by, one thing that`ll always remain with them forever is the family name. For me, I`ve been very fortunate to inherit this family name which is full of ancient taste. Accompanied with a taste of the cantonese people from southern part of China, takes me back to even more ancient time when my biological ancestors used to talk to each other in their finely tuned unique dialect which I have not learnt well. Though diluted through only less than 100 years since the vessel that took my grandfather first anchored at the Bruneian bay, my family and I will never ever forget what or where we`ve come from. Simply by the word “Wong”, it means more than just a name. A name that`ll bring back those olden, ancient ghostly figures under the oriental horizon when all things were fundamental…. ….

Never in history had there been so many oriental people migrated to other foreign lands to live and flourish. It all began not so long ago but it seems like all have taken a few hundreds of years. In another 100 years from now, people would have changed more dramatically and I wonder what will happen to those first in line to inherit the name Wong? Would it ever bring back those ancient tales again?


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