22 feb 2011 23:16 Fooling around in the holographic world

Its not necessary to go any further. Think about this question that noone can answer and you`ll see through it yourself:  Where do we come from?

This reading shall take a reader through a journey of the mind. The journey starts with one incident. In this incident, a human being is a being with one soul. In this being, the brain is supposedly the decoding center for all data in the physicality presence.  In the world of physicality, various types of information reach our brain in the form of light photons. These photons are converted to electrical impulses and are transmitted to the part of the brain where the supposedly “reality of information” are projected into a picture. In this picture, we “see” the skies, the mountains, the people and places, we “see” the world in the form of pictures, one after another inside our brain which is in fact in full darkness. The mind, the brain is completely covered in bones and multiple layers of membranes, there is no light but absolute darkness. All that we “see”, are just an optical illusion in our brain.

In another incident, the things being “seen” by us are actually things with different frequencies that of ours. All things are made up of tiny particles of which the early modern scientists called atoms. Inside an atom, there is no 100% certainty of where even tinier particles reside. This is where we hit the quantum Physics. Every momentum and wave of the even tinier particle gives energy to the atom as a form of physical matter. In this manner, all matters, including DNA, all biological and non-biological matters are converged in the universal law of energy.  All matters have their own range of frequency which our brain cannot “see”, what can be “seen” are not the actual frequency, but the frequencies are being decoded into electrical impulses. These are the things we “see”.

By all means, this is but the same situation as someone is viewing things from a computer. Even without the body presence, only our brain, our brain can still “see” and interpret all information from the computer. This can be done provided the brain is being kept alive outside the body. So, now, do you still believe what you see is real? Or is it the soul is really the one who “sees” all things?

Let`s leave the word soul aside for a while now since every now and then, most people believe only in what they see, their reality and not the inner self, the soul. So, let`s not be bothered by the soul first if one still believes that a being is complete with all the “physical” organs. In this particular incident, the brain without the body, continues to take in more and more data from the computer, the brain “sees” the data and analyzes them based on which part of the brain being sent to. And all the things the brain “sees” are thought as real, reality… but there is no body attached to it! The lights are simply being absorbed and transmitted through optic nerves, its called data feeding. Think this way, the lights that are absorbed in the brain are converted to electrical impulse and then projected into an image of the “external world”. This is basically the principle of holography. Remember, the brain has memory part where things that are being “seen” before can be recalled. The recalling is when the previously absorbed lights are being called back for projection of the previous image, and remember, the brain is powerful in recalling many “past” events, it is a very powerful holography!

As long as I`m concerned, I think that reality as we thought is not that real, it is but a form of data feeding. And we? We are the players in this holographic playground, everyone is fooling around, sneaking around in this and that piece of holographic information, once we`re done with one piece, we`ll move on to another and another and ano…. …until the physical brain, or the physical body weaken and dies then the game of holography ends. When the body is dead, the brain “sees” no more but the inner self — the soul lives on.


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