17 feb 2011 21:53 If the world`s coming to an end

(animation by french students from Ecole Superieure des Metiers Artistiques in 2007)

Anyone ever wondered how you`re going to run away when the whole world comes tumbling down? Well, if you had watched the movie “2012”, you`ll know you have got to run as fast as you could, well… errrr…. sir…. I mean DON`T  go where the direction of the buildings and roads are falling down, its the opposite direction!! And you`ll know you`ll need someone who could fly a big plane to get you to where the biggest arks on earth lie. That`s a depiction by Hollywood of a time when our world seems to end, a time when perhaps, finally, humanity is a thing to be recalled of highest righteousness value, because that`s the last thing we`d ever want to lose.

Seriously, what would anyone do if the whole world really is going down? I suppose there`re basically 3 ways people would react if they still had enough time to hold on to dear lives.

One: call your mom and dad, tell them you love them very very much and that no matter what happens, your love for them will stay with them in afterlife. Hang on a second….  I guess there`s something wrong here, in fact, you should tell them…  … to RUN!!! Go!!! Mom Dad, what the f##*** are you doing there hanging on the line?? Waiting for roasted turkey to fall from the ceiling??

Two: ok, here`s what a guy or woman with sense of highest responsibility would do. Run down the office building, through broken glasses and falling rubble, ashes (in slow motion), then break into some abandoned vehicle. Drive down the streets, looking for ways to find his or her kids who might be trapped somewhere else. As driving down the street that`s now falling asunder, people scream and yell aloud… APOCALYPSE!!!! ITS TRUE!!!! I TOLD YOU, DAD!!!  And as the guy turns down the window to scream back at the one of the yellers, he says: “Hey, Mickey, are you nuts??? Would you mind to come in the f****## car??!!!”

Three: two lovers, man and a woman, man and a man or woman with a woman, whatever. One says: honey, how come you never looked at me that way? Isnt it the time now we`ll stay together forever? Forever and ever… … honey, when was the last time you had those eyeliners? Then, a woman with no make-up, a natural-looking countenance, with two fingers she pokes on back of the guy. As he turns around, his face turns green and grey, wide opened mouth and eyes, seeing what was meant for him was standing right behind him. The woman slaps in his face rock-hard, indeed, it was too much to bear right now, right before the falling world. And the woman says: “I told you the girl with eyeliner was not good for you!!! Dumb***$$$!!!”

And, that is just a prelude to what people would do on the day we know we`ll miss our home, our family, friends, cousins, teachers, everybody. Just remember, the road you take leads to where you should be standing. So, don`t look back if that day ever comes, keep your head up, you might still see sunshine shining upon the earth.


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