11 feb 2011 10:23 Chinese New Year- A surprise for my family

As someone who`s always on the look for some adventure out there, a braveheart who`s endeavour is always aware of what`s going on around, I`ve always have this plan inside me: to return home by surprise. When I say a surprise, I mean an absolute term, no deviation, only surprise.

So, by the end of summer 2010, I`d tried really hard to save more than I could for buying air tickets and other stuffs to be taken home. I didn`t really know where this was going because there`re always plenty of uncertainty along the way. Tuition fees, daily necessities such as traveling expenses and occasional big eating outs with my friends, all had to be tackled carefully. Just a week or two before I went aboard for my return home journey, I bought some good stuffs for myself, that included two pair of jeans and a pair of casual shoes. All presents for each of my family were packed a few days before the journey began. I thought to myself, this shall be an experience for lifetime, everything`s done on my own and I was very proud of that.

I arrived at Brunei international airport around 19:30 on 25th Jan, everything went really smooth, actually was a bit out of my expectation. My luggage was fine on the conveyor belt, which got me so worried that it might be lost during the journey. The huge cuddley toy I was holding all the way had landed safely with me and more fortunately, I was still in great spirits! Soon as I approached the arrival hall, I walked swiftly pass some people who looked at me like stranger, well, I was stranger to them. Then, in no time, I saw this wording on one of the vehicles parked just outside the arrival hall. It read “Teksi”, which means taxi in Malay. I took taxi home that night. It was all too exciting for me. The ride was very very smooth, not a single engine sound was heard, there was no strong wind and the sky was brilliantly clear, adorned with bright stars all the way.

Hmmm…. then, when I reached home, I knocked on the front door with great excitement and joy inside me. The first thing I saw as I quickly swung open the door was my elder sis, sitting on one side of the kitchen table. Then came rushing to the door was my old dad as my younger sis and old mom looked on in awe, errr….   I mean really in awe, the jaws were half-dropped down the chins. My elder brother returned home much later from work that night and I greeted him all the same, with much excitement.  And I guess, that was the best I`d remember and shall always remember throughout my life.

Really enjoy this journey that I`ve pathed for myself. Hopefully there`ll be more of such journeys in the future. I believe everything is possible if there exists love. Love is enough to drown all mortal sorrows and pains, making an ocean deeper and wider. This is the kind of feeling I have during this home-coming journey.


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