9 feb 2011 13:34 Human Rights

Its 9th of February, 2011, Wednesday, the sky is blue and clear, occasionally cloudy, the mild wind sends soft echoes of voices from small flocks of feather possibly not far away. In not wasting more than another 2 or 3 lines of words, it is indeed a beautiful day today. Everytime I need something to begin with, something sharp, penetrating, awesome, full, strong and determined to start with, this is what eventually comes to my mind– its such a wonderful day. Not to bore the readers but a compliment dedicated to mother nature is always fulfilling.

So, in the past few days, I`ve seen many things, quite unusual not in the least of all human matters, I should say it was startling enough, witful, intelligent. It is the uprising of one great nation in the middle east, the anti-government movement by modern-day Egyptians. Chaos now rules with power over the Mubarak`s government, intensity of mankind`s rage is at its highest peak, like waves, one peak rises after another`s fall. The situation seems totally out of its control panel now that the controller seeks but can`t find its best seat no more  in the control room high above the common Egyptians.The people tried and now seems are succeeding in doing what they think is best for them, the people have come this far in the extreme state of consciousness called individual thinking for oneself and another individual with the same kind of thinking and so forth. This is what mankind created out of consciousness, a set of justifiable, outspoken, outlandish thoughts and words written and printed over and over again, till it becomes a sort of belief system, a form of rights, that is what we called, rights of mankind to find freedom.

In the beginning of mankind history (dates uncertain), societies  could have been created out of small group of people. As a single society grew, division is created among the groups of people possibly sharing the same ancestor. When divisions became common among the then larger groups of people, a set of identical interests or habits were established in one or two of the divided groups of people. As time generated more and more generations down the lineage of people, the set of identical interests or habits became a system. By being systematic, the situation could calm most conflicts and smooth most displacement of peoples` usual habits. So that gradually the divided group of people were now having a kind of belief system, which could be very different from other divided groups of people. That`s how a belief system could be developed. With inspirations closest to mankind which is nature, a belief system became colourful and self-fulling in many ways. The sun-worshippers, for example, are group of people who simply believe and show how nature tender and care for the notorious mankind, long-lasting in its power of glory, its ever-lasting golden face shines throughout Earth`s history. Then, with stories of significant figures told over and over again related to the belief system, the system could develop into a kind of religion. As one can see, this is how mankind created everything out of consciousness, but in a very gradual way.

Today, if one wants to talk about human rights or the rights of human, as the letter “s” itself suggests there`s not only one right. There`re many, countless. Bringing out this matter of great concern and honor that is found only in humans is not that easy. What kind of rights are we talking about right now? Let`s see, …. … in the markets we have the right to buy to complain about price to choose what we want to buy to compare and be compromised by prices given to us; in school we have the right to seat comfortably in chairs and raise our hands if we need to answer any question, the right to compose our childhood stories for the title given to us as kids, the right to fight back at bully; as parents, we`d have the right to teach and preach our kids, the right to supervise, to choose what stuff is good for our kids, to speak out for our kids in school when needed, even to find the school that fits our kids; as citizens we`d have the right to freedom for speech and media even though most places in the world do not allow that, we`d have the right to stand up against injustice deeds or crimes, the right to prosecute our governors if found guilty, the right to vote for our leaders, the right to raise funds for poor children or health research, the right to instigate a propaganda if needed, we`d have so many rights even though most of us do not seem to know about them. There`re several reasons why people do not seem to know or do not want to know about the practice of certain rights, it is absolutely not because of ignorant. One reason is because the kind of right pursued by some people is repelled legally, that means by law, for example the right of homosexuals to marry legally and start a family. This first kind of right is rather more innate or natural. Another reason is because the kind of right practiced by some people have only just begun and do not yet have correct amount of intensity and determination to be delivered, for example the right to set up reforms to overthrow government or authoritative personnel. This latter kind of right is rather more adaptive to certain situation or it depends mostly on the situation. So, basically, we have one that is innate, another that is more adaptive. And then, there is another kind of right that is neither innate nor adaptive, it is neutral. A right that is neutral is found in people who basically understand their own situation but do not wish to speak out about what they believe in even when their situation does not favour their side, they neither want to go against nor agree with what they believe or what others tell them. This kind of people only want to stay neutral, you can say they want to stay out of trouble, whether it is their concern prior to protect themselves or to protect others is not certain. I`ll leave that to the readers to decide. All three kinds of rights possess three kinds of major situations: those who favour innate-kind-of-right are usually self-taught, self-motiovated, the inner self is more visible by playing a larger role. Those who comply with the adaptive-kind-of-right are generally influenced by external factors, one can say from outer to the inner self. Finally, people who believe in the neutral-kind-of-right are more open to all rights, one can say they are simply more open-minded, they neither advocate for nor denounce others` rights, but they`d rather listen and understand the essence of a plight or circumstance. In the end, those who pursue neutral-kind-of-right can be conduced to set feet on either the innate or adaptive-kind-of-right after they have made up their mind.

In general, because all rights are practiced or condemned by the people usually having same backgrounds and set of belief system, it is yet quite unusual to see the same rights being pursued or repelled by people from very different backgrounds and belief system. For example, right now at this moment, the uprising against Mubarak`s cabinet in Egypt, the Egyptians from various backgrounds, all sorts of walk of lives and possibly very different belief and value systems, but they are pursuing the same kind of right, that is the right to find freedom in their own country, most ironically, the very country and place where they love and belong. I personally think that this kind of right being pursued is truly genuine and worthy of honor beyond a king`s crown seat. This kind of right being pursued is obviously adaptive in its nature. Now, I `ve talked about the kind of right people pursue or not pursue but I do not incline to talk about the cause, the reason behind those rights. Because in my opinion, I believe every right bears immense righteousness of which could be condemned by others who do not see it being righteous. If I did not see something, it doesn`t mean something does not exist.

Being a person lacking in experience and heights in life that is supposed to be relevant to most youths of my age, I do not want to shut my eyes when I cannot see things clearly. In my own country, even in the country that I`m in right now, none of the above mentioned rights have I ever experienced throughout  my life. Frankly speaking, I could  only presume and hope that I could see with my eyes and my mind open. For me, righteousness is what I truly believe in, that is to do the right thing in short, but, it is only a belief, a thing of great value inside me. If one does not speak for the kind of righteousness that one believes, then, it can never be called a right. Because a right has a voice that speaks, if it is not spoken and heard by others, then, it is only a belief. All my beliefs are true, but only for me, I do not intend to give voice so that others could hear me, because there is not a need. I guess that sense of need is another matter, another concern to be discussed. Put it this way, as a permanent resident of Brunei Darussalam, I have the right to claim my permanent residency no matter what happens to the government, I`ll always remain part of my country and part of me will always be nowhere else but here. But, what do I need to do to pronounce that kind of right I`m supposed to have? Nothing. Because it is a silent right, it doesn`t need any further declaration to confirm my status in my country, basically, it is only a right justified by myself. Noone with the same kind of residency as mine has to do anything to earn it. It is just there. But I have to recognize it myself.


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