8 Jan 2011 17:35 Searching for the truth

Have been following Alex Collier for a long while, now I find that there`re plenty of truths in what he said. That we as humans are an entire race with loss of memories of who we really are. That where our focus goes energy flows, we`re so much into our daily materialistic lifestyle, we forget about our inner selves, our consciousness, our soul. As a kid I had been drawing and writing about the conception of time, space and the ultimate being above all things, now, I find them all linked together. The linkage is not solely based on principles of laws like in Physics lessons, it is based on the knowledge, the consciousness that I have experienced throughout my life and my constant soul-searching way of life. The thing about the evolution of soul is truly compelling, not surprising to me. That soul would rise into different form of “being”: lights and colours after the physicality has been gone or simply when a person dies.

I do not have 100% trust in my religion but I have 101% trust in myself. I do not think that this could help me raise my self-consciousness but its my way of not getting myself stucked with one religion. Throughout my later childhood and teenage years, I had been propelled by many fascinating thoughts created out of my mind, on my own. Perhaps, these thoughts about time, space and the ultimate being were due to my situations and constant plights in my early years. But, one thing I`m sure is that these thoughts have helped me evolved into a wiser person. The older I become, the more closer to the truth I want to be. As I search for so many things in my life, my only great concern is whether I have become a better soul within me? Still, one thing I have not been able to evolve  out of this reality is my priority state of consciousness. That is to say, I still prefer to lend myself, my life, my energy based on the people I truly care for, that is my family and my close friends. That is a kind of attitude out of bias judgement but I`m totally stucked with it. Because, above all evolving souls, the complete  soul does not suffer to give such bias judgement. I guess, the ultimate solution is love. Love is everything we need and shall ever need.

The truth, never stop looking for it. It shall not be leaked unless I shatter it. But I suppose a wiser mind is imperative for this task. To have wisdom is to have a weapon sharper than sword. The truth seeker doesn`t end here, will continue to search and search till everyone could see what is the truth.


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