20 dec 2010 19:11 Black tea from beverage stalls

For every penny spent, a value is gained. For every cup served, a desire is fulfilled. For every sip taken, a savor of tea leaves is not forsaken.

Grown, nurtured by rays of golden sunshine, dipping morning dews from one slab of leaf to the next. One season after another, till each is mature and ripen for harvest. Hands-picked, down it goes into the huge bucket, one after the other. Fermented under unique conditions for more tea savory before being packed into bags.  Once supplemented in boiling hot water, out comes the flavour simply from the tea leaf itself. With each fluid dynamic released from each of the fermented leaf, a unit of tea flavour is diffused.

Until no more is left being diffused, now the former plain boiling water has turned entirely to blackish red in colour. It`s the colour that is deep and pleasant to it`s spectators, it`s the colour coming from the sunshine, from those leaf pickers, those leaf tenderers whom I cannot see. Now that all the magics are summoned into one huge plastic cup and sealed under the company`s trademark. For spectator to see, to buy, to consume and of course, to come to the love of it, is what the drinks business is all about. For loving it, is knowing what a benediction it gives to every black tea lover.


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