5 Dec 2010 22:09 Tomorrow will come

Yesterday left everyone wonders what lies in tomorrow, every now and then, tomorrow is not to be awaited. For it`ll never come till the horizon shed its first morning light upon the earth. That it is so precious and time does not know how to dignify such anticipation, even the night knows when it comes, even a dreamer knows and does not wanna wake up before it comes. But, what about now? What about it? Right now, right here, right anywhere in any corners, curbs, any roads, any place at all, what about them? Conceived in thousands and thousands of mortals who`d ever lived and walked upon, does any of the soul of the mortal ever come back from yester-world? If they do, don`t they as well indulge in the anticipation for tomorrow? If tomorrow comes, would it change any bit of today`s consequence? Would it take one sorrow away for twice the happiness? Would it take us one step closer to our destiny, our fate? Would it mend a broken heart of which time has taken its toll? Would it answer  the calling from our inner selves? Would it… …

If tomorrow were so insecure, so obscured, why not we make the best of today as it is? If tomorrow ever comes, our insecurity will not be gone either. It`ll only make one becomes more scrupulous about what tomorrow will bring. It is not as any consequence as explicable as simply because of what one anticipates for tomorrow. It is full of future dynamics, it is like where the focus goes the energy flows. As unpredictable as it is. Just when one thinks it`ll never come, it`ll be the end. And all the energy, the dynamics, the locomotions go back to the zero point of our life-size coordnations. Then everything would start over again. All over again, physically, not mentally. Because mentally, the soul of no return would already have been dead. It`s the soul inside that matters. Our soul which weighs less than a quarter of a pound, shoulders all our burdens, be they the past, present or future. Let the past comes to an end, an end that gives way to present`s blossom. The past is like a seed. From then on, let nature caress for more blossoms to come. Let the rain and sunshine nurture it, it shall give blossoms when the time is right. If right now is not the right time, then tomorrow might be.


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