12 Nov 2010 22:07 Sketching the road in my way

Here I stand, in the middle of somewhere, someplace, some space occupied, some time spent, some moments spared, some cheers offered, many laughters over tears, every little bit counts, nothing ever gonna change, nothing ever gonna lose. Here on this road, there`s rain, there`s sunshine, there`s seasonal change as locomotion of people fall into this picturesque landscape. Without the people, time suffers a standstill. Time is the artist who focuses on thoughts control when there`re flow of thoughts in space, time is the artist who sketches dynamic motions in aspect of time-lapse, time is the artist who offers everybody something in common, and that is being in the same frame of picture at the same time, in the same place, with the same frequency of motion.

In relative to all different frequencies at different times, different happening surfaces, only time is able to tell which occurrence is relatively more attractive than others. The more attractive occurrence that you ever had in your own waking hour will seem to be welcoming you with open arms. In this frame of time, you will see a road in front of you, there`ll be an idyllic landscape unfolding once you shut your eyes and try to feel it deep inside you. Once your eyes are closed, you`ll turn yourself away from all urban nuisance, and you`ll listen closely to your heart. As your heart beats with the rhythm of time, you`ll be carried away, far away towards the road. So far that you could even touch and feel the acrid butane smell of the road, until you are entirely getting your feet on that road. You`ll start to breathe the air above that road, that is full of wonder, full of depths. When you begin to walk on that peaceful road, you`ll become part of the picture that is so peaceful, so wonderful. You`ll start to do wonderful things on the road by dancing, singing, laughing, cheering all the way, all along until you feel tired. On that specific road, time in relative to you is the only relevant element for guiding you. If you do not seem to be in relative to your own time, then you`ll be out of the picture, out of that peaceful road. When you find yourself well within your own time, that road will guide you, protect you from harm, till the end of your journey. Once the journey has ended, that picture of the road will be gone forever, vanished into nothing, only emptiness. Only the livings who still walk this earth could see back in time the pictures, the dynamic of locomotions like watching movies in time-lapse. When you`re gone, when you`re out of that road, others will continue to walk on it as if you were never there. But, you were, you had been there before, and you might even be there again in the next world. It hurts, but time has it`s own reason, time knows you, time knows you were there or you weren`t. It is but life, life comes easy and goes easily, careless of how anyone might feel. That is the passion of life, the road of life.


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