3 Oct 2010 19:00 Recite within ourselves: NO MORE SUICIDE NO MORE

Too bad, the worst is becoming of our society, just how many young people have passed away these few weeks?? One or two or several took their own lives because of perplexing relationships? One or two or several decided never to see daylight again because of equality problems? One or two or several compromised to our complicated world and committed suicide because of depression? because of oppression? because of  total suppression? of what exactly?

Make it a habit, make it a deal with ourselves that no life is to be given away easily, no no no. If you do, if anyone does, then you are absolutely wrong! totally mistaken something for nothing, totally demanding everything for anything! Too arrogant a soul can be, too overwhelming a mind can be, too timid a life can be, these are just all too much. And too much of something is not good.

Please, help fight suicidal acts!

Letters P E A C E are your letters,

http://www.wongtzyyyue.wordpress.com is your website,

and what is the number to call? Any number will do!!

End suicides now, give dignity back to humanity…

Shame on us all… …. …


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