16 Sept 2010 20:07 Moonlight

There is this side of the moon that no mortal has ever seen,

the other side of the moon that is fully lit and seen

is always the same side of the moon.

Like a sun in the dark, it`s brightness shoots through the stratosphere,

reaches ground level at 3 X10*8 metre per second.

It`s radiation passes through our windows,

aims at travellers with backpacks on the long and winding roads,

it radiates upon silky hair of  skywatchers,

it floats upon still waters,

giving the clear night a picturesque sensation.

When it rules,

even the distant stars do not match it`s beauty and brightness.

Legends of werewolves come to life,

lovers seal for the kisses,

children gather for bedtime stories,

coffee drinkers round the corner look up and adore this bright light,

poets dream of rhythms while thinkers reflect upon its eternal glory,

when it takes to the night sky,

secrets in the night are about to be revealed.

When it shines, it upsets the deep dark backdrop,

as if remorselessly emanating its reflecting power,

paying no attention to passing of the night hours.

It is the only natural light source

that truly belongs to mankind all through the generations.

Forever charming, timeless beauty, eternal lover,

name it as a beholder is gazing at it with wonder.

Name it before the night show is over.


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