12 Sept 2010 15:13 Aint no mountain too high

As high as mountain, as wide as rivers, as deep as valleys. As bright as  sun, as far as distance in light years, as beautiful as milky ways.  by stupid me~

Ever realize why dreams are so captivating and so unusual to each of us? See, everytime we wake up trying to remember that dream we had the night before, how curious we could be trying to figure out an interpretation for it. And everytime we couldn`t remember more than just broken patches of our dream, how insecure we could feel and how incomprehensible we let ouselves in. For others, any dream is just an ordinary dream, wouldn`t even have to think about it twice. But, of all the dreams we ever had, some would never leave us, they`ll stay with us our entire life. I`d call these the kind of dreams that are meant to come true. For not every dream could come true and only those that are strong enough to hold on, those that are true enough for the dreamer and thus have every reason to be chased, hugged and recalled. I would not intend to describe the kind of dream that has formed in me since different nations, tribes, cultures, geographical locations and even backgrounds affect the type of dream for each of us. To assert every possible dreams in a few lines would be to deter the greatness of all possible dreams that are meant to be true.

Dreams that are meant to come true can be any kind of dreams. No degrees, no national boundaries, no verbal skills, no physical limitations, none of these could thwart such a dreamer. Such a dreamer would climb any mountain, cross any rivers, conquer any weakness with strength, oppress any thorns with love and see through any failures with hope and faith. In the eyes of this dreamer, light is the reason why everything is still around. And light, is everywhere. Where there is light, there`ll always be hope. Where there is darkness, there`ll always be hope waiting to be rekindled. Through the ears of such dreamer, echoes of the calling are from inside his/her heart. That no words are heard unless he listens. Within the dreamer`s mind, that one thing dwells inside him, transcending his sophicticated thoughts beyond imaginations, over and above the margin where dreams were never meant to be. On that magical phenomena where anything is deemed possible, histories could be relived, time could be retracked chronically, spaces could be eliminated, everything else that is undreamed or untold or forgotten could be made as real.

Go for it if you had a dream, even if you had failed many times, that one thing that dwells inside you shan`t be put off. No pains, no voices, no hypocrites, no giving up could make you take your oppotunity if you never believed in yourself. Consider the bad times as simply misses that you`ll get over sooner or later. Just remember, there ain`t no mountains too high, ain`t no roads too short,  ain`t no dreams too small. You`ll make it there no matter what.


One thought on “12 Sept 2010 15:13 Aint no mountain too high

  1. You called it dream, I call idealism. You still are chasing it, I am living in it all the time, because it’s my inner world! I had been dreaming when too young, then not, lives are beautiful in my inner world.

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