15 Aug 2010 18:19 A thought on beliefs and religions

To believe in something is to have faith in that something. Faith that is grown from solid ground formed in certain part of a person`s life will most likely have lasting effect on a person`s life for good and bad. Faith that is sprouted from soft, sandy soil amid uncertainties and restlessness of turning point in a person`s life will most likely to have less effect on a person`s life but more on others`, also for good and bad. Believing in something does not proclaim the virtue of life in all senses. Instead, it is driven by virtue of strong passion and love, accompanied by intensive sense of vengence or self-inspired redemption towards one`s own life. In this sense, a belief does not ridicule beyond one`s own faith or try to prohesize things that are yet to be heard or seen. It applauses salvations for the day itself and welcomes tomorrow in the same passionate way as the sun is forever celebrated for its glory throughout all generations.  Thus, a belief  does not renounce but rekindles a person psychologically and comes into the tangible form of unconditional physical strength and zeal for life in itself.

Religion, on the other hand, is born out of a belief. Therefore, a belief has to be older than any religion. As a son, religion is deemed to compensate for all the misses or blemishes of its father. So that religion is rooted on a foundation of faith in something higher in authority than oneself, so that religion tries abruptly to converge every belief into ultimate virtue, so that religion seeks prophesies for later generations, and that religion intends to rest all mortals to eternity through cataclysms and apocalyptic human-nature dramas. Beyond religion, there is no God`s presence, in the sense of religion itself. By this, it is proper to say that one is unable to find comfort or total bliss in life if one possesses only religion and no genuine belief or strong faith in something.

Examples of having religion without strong faith is as those daily suicide bombers, those priests behind the sex abuse scandals, those aid workers who practice corruptions amid famine and immense political crises, those preachers or people who show contempts or dislikes towards other beliefs and so on. For those who practice strong faith will at some point reach the summit where one no longer feels the desire to have a religion. The most obvious and understandable example is an atheist. So that no sense of religion will be born out of an atheist, he/she is content with all worldly knowlegde of life, beyond which the world is as dull and silent as it is for him/her. To put it in a more perspective way, a person having religious beliefs also has a religion, but a religious person does not necessarily has belief or faith in religion or anything at all.

Having said all these, however, not all religious beliefs embrace the goodness in life such as love, care and forgive. Religious beliefs that are conceived from sanctuary of intense hatreds and jealousies tend to find faults in others while fearing the Gods of their own won`t be hearkened to their existence. Such phenomena is not new and is not some kind of  skeletons in the old cupboard, but it`s everywhere, in schools, in churches, in public, at homes, everywhere. Over and over again, ancient scriptures are being recited in details down to the last words from the first to the last page of the holy texts. Sometimes, I`m curious, why can`t we just understand the meaning of the belief in itself instead of the mere words inherited to us. And, the mere words are not even inherited to us through the scriptures` original creator, but through ages of translators and copiers. Perhaps, our race has grown into more dependant on tangible books as our knowlegde inevitably flourishes via sea cables and further beyond earthly ground. No longer can we hold on to some real solid ground, but mere concepts descended from generations that are lost forever in time and space. Concepts given in books with the Holiness labeling, concepts that revere the highest Almighty Creator of mankind, concepts that cannot settle earthen histories of endless suffers, concepts that are worthy of praises but at the same time denounce prasies for other beliefs. These, are the ways which most of us are being taught, so that most people cannot stand equally and fairly among the many religious beliefs of the world. Beliefs of faith and religions without faith, such is the real controversy among all the controversies that we are being fed by daily newspapers: religious extremisms and genuine faiths, gulf oil leaks and energy saving, poachings and PETA-ings, healthy mode of living and sliming-led eating disorders, slums amid heavy loaded industrial atmosphere and clean suburbs outside fancy towns and rich city lights, if viewed from an aspect of another party of entity beyond our race, are these not controversial enough? What would an ET think of us? Or ought we to ask ourselves where do we actually stand, do we believe in our religions or do we believe there is a way to ultimate happiness and peace, or, do we simply hold on to what is written or taught to us by our ancestors?

The gap between beliefs and religions is ourselves. In fact, it is we who place ourselves in between, we either take them both or we forsake or extravagantly advocate one of them. Such that no equilibrium state could be attained however  great any thinkers or philosophers had once lived among us. The state of inequilibrium continues as long as we live, until the end of days… until we realize that nothing matters to us at all, that all things must succumb to the nature and only nature itself could bear the ever changing temperaments of mankind, and only nature, knows better than we do.


6 thoughts on “15 Aug 2010 18:19 A thought on beliefs and religions

    1. hi, thanks for your comment. i think the greatest inspiration for me is all the people around me, all kinds of people. and many times, i dont wanna be in the mainstream of anything, so that i could learn more about the truth. say for example, i`m catholic, but i dont wanna be the regular church goer and i dont wanna always be in the catholic church. thats just one tiny part about it. so that i can learn about things that are more true and more meaningful…. i guess thats it.

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