21 May 2010 12:43am Reflecting

its been almost 5 years, still on my own, a loner is what it`s called. whenever a new year begins, i`d always tell myself that i wanna go out there, find a bigger freedom for myself, to widen my life circle. i wanna meet new people, fresh faces, make new friends, i wanna find someone who could share my life, someone who could love me, someone whom i love. seems like i havent done good enough or maybe i havent met the right guy yet. sometimes i`m confused. but, somehow, i know i`ll meet someone special, i`ll meet my mr. right, we juz cant hurry love. there you go, the old saying always sounds stronger to this thumping heart of mine.

about a month ago, i saw the movie “personal effects” starring ashton kutcher. in the story plot, the character walter said that sometimes, when a person is tired of waiting, waiting for someone he knows will never come back, he would turn himself  into the story, to be part of the story. and the consequence would be devastating, no returning if if meant killing or hurting others.  in my opinion, thats not how love should have been. love could conquer everybody`s heart, but love could also be conquered by hatred and jealousy. if i had somebody to love, i wouldnt and couldnt ask for more, but to cherish the one and only kind of love i`ve ever wished.


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